Feb 5, 2018

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In A Long Distance Relationship

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February 14th is just around the corner, as are the red roses and candies. While some of us absolutely dread the day, most actually look forward to it.

If you’re somebody in a long distance relationship, Valentine’s Day might be particularly challenging for you. Maybe even sad. Although you can’t be together on the day of love, it’s just as special and should still be celebrated.

Here are 10 ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day if you and your beau are in a long distance relationship or having to spend the day apart. After all, it’s a matter of the heart.

#10 Create a memorable experience

Instead of giving them something tangible, gift them an experience they will always remember—something memorable, like a concert ticket or a voucher to the spa.

#9 Send them handwritten notes

From the first day of February till the 14th, send them notes, cards, pictures or postcards—things that will remind them of you every day and most importantly, reinforce how special they are to you. Mail these little things that you write and you’ll see, it will make a world of difference. Let them know in your handwriting, how much they mean to you.

#8 Send a handmade gift

Send them something you made. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything expensive, just meaningful. Think of special memories or shared interests: maybe a photo collage, a USB full of their favorite songs or even a scrapbook with memories of you together? It is the effort that you are ready to invest into the relationship that counts.

#7 Send a care package

It might be some of their favorite candy or even some comfort food. It can be anything that will let them know how much you care.

#6 First and last

Make sure you are the first person they listen to in the morning and the last person they talk to at night on that special day. Call them a little early in the morning and call them just before they go to bed.

#5 Surprise them with their favorite meal

You know all their favorite dishes, so just ask the food delivery services in their area to surprise them with a special meal. A pizza can go a long way, for all you know.

#4 Plan a trip to meet somewhere

If possible, plan a trip to a place where you can meet and spend the day with each other. It can even be a resort or a natural setting that you both enjoy. Just make it as memorable as possible.

#3 Plan a Valentine’s Day celebration for later on and keep it a surprise

If you were apart on Valentine’s day, plan something special on another day to make up for it. It could be wherever or whenever you are able to meet say March or April. But make sure, you keep your plans a surprise.

#2 Have a virtual dinner together

Cook your favorite meals, set up your camera and have “dinner” together via FaceTime, WhatsApp or Viber. Who says that there can be no romantic online dinner time?

#1 Show up at their doorstep


If it is possible, plan a surprise visit to their location. Show up at their place when they are least expecting you and let them know how much they mean to you.

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