Apr 18, 2017

Top 10 Reasons For Experiencing Painful $ex Alive.

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Why does $ex hurt? Why it is so painful? It is caused for some health issues. Here are the details about it:

Mainly it is caused for some underlying issues, and nearly 2 in 10 woman experience pain during or after it. Though they experience painful $ex but they don’t want to seek help either they feel embarrass or they think it is normal and it happens to everyone but that is not true.

1. Age difference:

Generally woman in late 50s and and early 60s experience it harshly so they are mainly affected. Younger girl aged 16-24 also experience it. Pain during $ex is not normal now whether it is about an lady or girl, in 90% cases it can be cured completely.

Age is not just a number, you should keep in mind everything before doing anything.

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