Mar 28, 2017

5 Signs he is not mature enough for you.

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Being alone is much better than staying with a immature guy. At first you may find your relationship is perfect and you think that he is perfect for you but gradually it feels terrible. In teenage every girl wants to date a cute guy but after teenage girls want to date a man. A man who can take whole care of her, a man who takes care of her likes and dislikes and all the other things. Turning into a man from a boy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It needs much more effort. A mature guy can handle a relationship but a immature guy failed to do it. So a girl should date a man. Here are the 5 things by which you will get to know that he is not mature for you and you should let him go.

1. Disrespect:

He won’t respect you when he is angry but remember a man always respects his women even when he is angry or sad. Sometimes he will insult you in front of everyone and he will tell you that he did all this as a joke, he will say that he was just kidding but a real man never insults her women even in private. A lack of respect will make your relationship weak.

2. Make you feel useless:

He thinks that he is everything and he has done so many things far now he will make you feel that you have done nothing. It’s a kind of insult. He will say how he will tell the world that you are his girlfriend. He will make you cry and never stay with a person who makes you cry. Because if he loves you and take your relationship seriously then he won’t be able see¬†you in tears.

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