Mar 27, 2017

How to win a boy’s heart?

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Falling in love is easy but making someone fall for you is not that easy. You can’t actually make someone fall in love with you. But there are few ways if you follow them then you might get his attention. Then you can make him start thinking about you and gradually you will be able to win his heart. So, there are certain rules that you should follow:

1. Put yourself on his path:

It does not mean that you go crazy for him and keep stalking on him like wherever he goes and all the other things. But sometimes meet him and go where he is but remember he should think that this meeting happened coincidentally, It wasn’t pre-planned. It will give you a chance to talk to him and to get his attraction. Don’t do this all the time otherwise he’ll think that you are stalking him.

2. Be confident:

Confidence is the most important thing that can get his attention. Always be yourself. Keep your confidence in everything whether it’s your dress up, your hair style, and your thinking. But don’t ever be over confident. Be normal and make your own self. Never try to be like others stay happy on what you have and he will love you just the way you are.

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