Mar 25, 2017

5 fears why some people don’t want to fall in love.

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Every human falls in love. It is a beautiful feeling. But there are some people who doesn’t want to fall in love even though they want. There are several reasons behind it. Some doesn’t want to fall in love because of their ego as they think love is an emotional commitment and they don’t want to make any commitment that make them weak. And there are some other ones who doesn’t want it because they are afraid. They are afraid of getting hurt and many other things. So here are top 5 reasons why some people are afraid of falling in love:

1. Lack of confidence:

Some people lack of self-confidence and think if they get into a relationship then when what other people will think about her. Due to lack of confidence they are afraid to get close to anyone. And as they fear they think falling in love is a bad idea. They think maybe in future they will get in a heart breaking situation.

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