Mar 20, 2017

Why Sisters Are Blessing?

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Sisters are the second blessing after mom. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a sister. Your sister is your Role model, adviser, supporter, best friend, everything. Some sisters are funny, some are overprotective and some are careless. No matter what kind of a sister you have, be satisfied to have her. She loved you since you were born. She is basically your another MOM. There are so many reasons why having a sister makes you blessed but these are top 5 highlights.

1. She will always be by your side:

Sisters have been by your side since the moment you were born and will always be by your side no matter what happens. She can stay mad at you for some moment but will never be able to stay away from you because she is your soul sister.  She trusts you more and supports your decision, but this doesn’t mean she will always agree with your decision. As a sister she will always show you the right path.


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