Mar 16, 2017

5 Signs To Know That Your Boyfriend is Cheating On You.

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Love is a beautiful thing. It blind those who are in love. we starts living in a fantasy world. Everything seems beautiful. It’s makes us doing silly things. But many times our loved ones cheated on us. which left us heart broken and completely shattered.Love makes us forget the reality hence sometimes we get hurt. But we also need a understand that we shouldn’t trust so soon. So here are the 5 things by which you will easily got to know that he is cheating you.

1. Lying:

“lying is a combined act.” In this case they are two-timer cheaters. They will spoke weirdly when lying and we need to understand that, they will take long time to answer your questions. Sometimes they will try to change the topic. They will change their voice tone sometimes will shout at you just to blackmail you emotionally.


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