Feb 7, 2017

How To Comfort A Sad Person?

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Don’t let A sad person remain sad for a long time. Try to cheer them up a little. It will bring a bright smile on their face and they will know there are people who care about them. Make them feel comfortable. Tell them it’s okay to be sad sometimes. These few tips will help you to comfort your sad friend.

1. Find out the reason:

 First of all ask her why is she/he sad. There might be a reason behind her/his sadness. You must find out that reason. She/he may be behave weird sometimes and doesn’t want to share with you, be a good friend and give her/him time to be comfortable . Once she/je is comfortable talking to you,She/He’ll tell herself. Talk to her/him. She/He may be too sad to talk to anyone but make her/him feel comfortable and tell her/him its okay to be sad sometimes and she doesn’t need to hide it from you. She/he will be so happy to share with you and feel light.


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