Jan 30, 2017

6 Simple ways to make your Father feel special ❤

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Father is the man of the house. who might be busy all the day, works all day long but never asks for anything in return. so its our duty that we sometimes make them feel special. everybody wants a healthy relationship with their dad. When your dad is happy with you,  you’ll get the best treatment from him and most likely be happy too. It can be difficult pleasing your dad but it’s important to do so for a healthy family. Here’s some tips to make your father feel special…

1. Surprise your father:

Remember occasions that you can celebrate together. Just a cake and some candles would do. remember less is more. It is a nice gesture to know and remember dates that are important to your father. These dates could be special memories of his childhood, birthdays, anniversaries, or those related to your mother.  It will be very touching and moving to your father if you make the effort to remember these occasions.

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