Jul 28, 2016

5 Signs Of One Sided Relationship

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Relationship is a blessing. You need to know how your partner feels about you and if you’re not going insane for someone who’s simply not that into you. You have to understand that if he/she is happy with it or not. If your partner is not interested then you have to understand that you are in a one sided relationship. Hard to realize, even harder to accept and exponentially harder to walk away from. Its Very difficult. But still you have to do it.

Here is some signs of one sided relationship :


1. Have to apologize for every single thing:

Saying sorry is not difficult at all. But when every time you have to apologize its a bad thing. Both need to say sorry cause its not s fault of once.  You’re not allowed to feel down, or mad, or hurt or even tired around them. Let them feel sorry too. You shouldn’t have to put up with that, no one should.

You need to say it with apologize. So say it both. Its your life. You don’t need to say sorry for every single thing.

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