Jul 28, 2016

4 Reasons Why Men Hide Things And Lie To Women.

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Men are the weird creation of God. They always do whatever they likes. Nobody can stop them from doing that. If it’s something that they really want to do and you didn’t approve off it. They don’t listen to others. They always do that thing what they want to do.  Let your wild horse free every once in a while so that he has a chance to be himself. In this matter men won’t listen a word of yours! Give them some spaces and freely talk with them.

If you don’t give them space then it will damage your relationship and he’ll start hiding things from you. Try to figure out those things.


1. They don’t want to hurt your Feelings:

A man can do anything. If he lie to you or start hiding things to you it means he really mean it. He don’t want to hurt you. He wants to see you happy at any cause that’s why he is hiding things from you. You have to understand that what he is thinking or what he wants! A man doesn’t speak his mind fearing that it might hurt his woman’s feelings. Boys are very sensitive. They don’t want to hurt their girl. A boys want to see them happy. The last thing he wants is to hurt your feelings or trigger a flood of tears by making you feel awful.

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