Jul 24, 2016

5 Things Of A Woman Which Can’t Understand By A Man

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People says that women are confusing. You never know a woman’s mood. Its very difficult to understand a woman’s heart. Its easy to handle a woman without any stress. All you have to know about her mood and that’s all.  Maybe we do need a lot of things to be truly happy but that doesn’t mean you guys should get terrified and confused even about the things that are a normal part of every girl’s life.

Here is somethings men will never understand about the women :


1. A Girls Emotions:

A boy will never understand a girl’s emotions. Men’s don’t have any idea about it. We girls are not afraid of expressing our emotions. We don’t keep our sadness, anger or even our happiness inside in our mind. If we girls express that. Why does that bother you so much? Don’t you boys understand a little thing.

So just because we have the courage to openly show who we really are doesn’t mean we should be judged for it. Try to understand us and our emotions.

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