Jul 17, 2016

5 Signs he isn’t “The Only One” For you

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When someone ignores you and you feel nothing unconformable then you’ve to understand that he isn’t the one person whom you want in your life. However, there are some things which need to be kept in mind if you want to find the guy who will want you for an eternity or someone who will complete you.

There are some person wants to spend time with you. But its your life and you only have the rights to choose whom do you want in your life. However, if they show these particular signs, then there is little possibility of a ‘forever’.


1. It’s all about priorities

After some days of relationships there are some people who don’t like that relationship anymore. They get bored of it and wants to get rid from it. Ridiculous! When you really love someone, then you eventually squeeze in some time in your schedule for them. Its very awkward for someone to handle this situation.

If someone neglects you it hurts a lot. Specially when someone important person of your life ignores you , it feels like I’ve nothing to live with. If someone is not making you their priority and is more obsessed about his financial goals and all the other things in the world, he’s not your prince charming. Priority is something which is the most important thing in someones life.

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