Jul 14, 2016

3 Ways To Help Someone Who Is Emotionally Suffering

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Here are 3 ways to help someone who is suffering emotionally.


While we are in a black hole of depression or anxiety, we do not see light. The last thing you want to do is tell another person who is in pain to not be in pain. The first step to helping someone is to eliminate judgment and criticism. Just because you see things differently, it doesn’t allow them to see it with your senses. Allow that person to know they are loved. They are cherished. Get them help through a therapist or just speaking about the issues.

Oftentimes, the one thing that they think is the cause of the pain is not the real issue. Emotions mask other events. A volcano of feelings begin to surface. They hide deep in the mind. Don’t push this person too quickly. Don’t pull them to “snap out of it.” Just be there as a lifeline and allow that person to reach that rope. Feeling secure is a beautiful token of appreciation. Do not take over. Do not try to control the situation.

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